Behind the Brush

Picture 067I have  drawn and/or painted since I was a kid. I drew in school(when it wasn’t art class) and frequently found myself in trouble for it. Although I do remember the year that I was placed in charge of designing the bulletin board/calender of our fourth grade classroom. I was constantly encouraged by my friends and family, knowing that my penchant for creating marks with a pencil, pen or brush was more than a passing interest. At the same time many of those same people, (with my best interest at heart, I’m sure) would inform me to also “have something else to fall back on”.

Since then, I have met numerous people brimming with talent and passion, but unsure of how, where, or when to make use of it. And,as a result of this questioning, instead of knowing how to deal with it, they do nothing. I was of that very same unsuredness of where to go with my art.

When I graduated from college with a degree in graphic design, I had a good paying  regular job and was afraid to take the leap from something “safe” and reliable to starting at the bottom in a field that I wasn’t sure I really wanted to enter into after all-using my artistic talents to sell a product. Well, I got laid off from the secure occupation that I thought was going to take care of me and found myself unemployed for the first time in my life. I soon realized that I don’t know how so many people actually live on unemployment! I couldn’t. I didn’t. I went out to California to stay with a good friend from high school and also an artist. He had been making a living creating  faux finishes and painted murals. I had no idea that this was a potential avenue for my artistic endeavors!

I made some samples and created a portfolio depicting some of my best work, relaying to interior designers and contractors that these could work on a larger scale in homes and restaurants, etc. The rest, as they say is history. Twenty-two years or so later, I look back at many blessed opportunities with wonderful clients and some great, fun and also challenging projects. I am grateful that with the abilities that I have as an artist, I get to use them as a mural painter/artist to continue a fulfilling and rewarding career making people happy doing something I love to do!